AMTE Election 2019 Application Form

For more information on the selection process, please visit the AMTE Election 2019 page. Note that if you are selected as a candidate for the slate, you will be asked to provide an edited version of this application for use in the candidate biography that accompanies the ballot.


  • * denotes a mandatory field.
  • All text boxes are limited to a maximum of 7500 characters.
  • This form may not save your responses while editing. Please pre-draft your responses in a word processing document.



To support and strengthen your candidacy, please provide additional information and experiences that demonstrate how your past work and efforts relate to the mission of the AMTE organization, including how your election to the AMTE Board would support a diverse and well-rounded AMTE leadership team. *

If you have any questions about the nomination or application process contact Toya Frank, Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, at