Research and Development Project - Online Video Expert for Fractions - Repository Creation Survey

The Math Initiative at USC Rossier ( has funded a project to design and build a prototype of an online video expert capable of answering a variety of conceptual and pedagogical questions arising from within the domain of fractions.

If you are interested in seeing this type of resource in action, you can see an example of how the military has used this design so that persons with interest can ask a wide variety of questions and get answers/feedback by military experts (

An important component of the project is the creation of a library of potential questions covering the areas of Content, Student Understanding, Instructional Strategies, and Curriculum/Instructional Materials pertaining to fractions.  This is where YOU come in!

We don't want to assume what teachers might ask;  we want to go to the source.  Thus, we are seeking your help to build as complete a library as possible of potential questions about the teaching and learning of fractions.  We are very interested in what you think teachers will be asking.

Here are three basic areas for consideration:

  • Fraction Content (e.g., fraction misconceptions, fraction models, conceptual foundations of fraction content, fraction algorithms, etc.).  What questions do you think teachers have about fraction content?
  • Teaching Practices (e.g., questioning strategies for fraction development, lesson structures, tasks and assignments, pedagogy, etc.).  What questions do you think teachers have about best practices to support student understanding of fraction content?
  • Instructional Materials and Resources (e.g., appropriate manipulatives for teaching particular fraction content).  What questions do you think teachers have about instructional materials and resources to support the teaching and learning of fractions?

In order to encourage participation, we will be raffling off an Apple iPad.  In order to qualify for entry into the raffle, you must submit your question(s) via email to, using the subject line FractionPal Survey - AMTE.  Each question (up to a maximum of 15) will generate a new entry.  Group your questions by the three areas of interest listed above.  Entries are due by September 30, 2020.  The raffle winner will be selected shortly thereafter.  Thanks for your help!