Seeking 8th Grade Algebra 1 Teachers for a Paid Online Research Opportunity

Are you an Algebra 1 math teacher?  WestEd, a non-profit educational research agency, would like to invite teachers of 8th grade Algebra 1 to access FREE distance learning online software resources that may be able to support your students’ in-class/at-home Algebra learning. The Graspable Mathematics (GM) software is a digital algebra notation tool that allows students to dynamically experiment with algebraic expressions. Using the GM algebra notation system, students can interactively move algebraic expressions on their screen, including symbols and numerals with drag and drop mouse or touch gestures, to solve algebraic equations. The program is designed specifically to scaffold students’ understanding of algebra through perceptual-motor learning. The program also provides students with immediate process-level feedback to help them develop an intuitive understanding of algebraic rules and transformations.

Teachers can get FREE access to the Graspable Mathematics software in the course of a research study being conducted for approximately four weeks in Spring 2021.  Participating teachers will receive access to the software for 1 full year and up to $550 for completion of all study activities! While this is not an ideal time to participate in a research project, this study may be able to support your distance learning classroom by providing a learning platform that can be delivered remotely and automatically scaffold student learning, while simultaneously providing teacher visibility into remote math activities.  

To receive more information, please complete the following interest survey:

Recruitment grade: 8th grade Algebra 1 teachers

Research study dates: 4-6 weeks in Spring 2021

Time Commitment: Approximately 7 45-minute sessions and participation in an online teacher webinar

Participant stipend: Up to $550 per teacher for completion of all study activities!

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