Webinar for New Users of the Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education with E-Modules [ESTEEM] Materials


Many teacher educators are teaching completely online courses or using some type of hybrid delivery. Our team has developed statistics materials to support mathematics teacher educators who are teaching courses for preservice secondary (grades 6-12) teachers. The Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education with E-Modules [ESTEEM] materials are especially well suited to online delivery, are easy to import into a Learning Management System (LMS), and can be revised within your LMS to fit the purpose and flow of your course. We would like to offer some support if you are planning to implement at least one ESTEEM module! If you do not need the support, you may know others who might benefit. Feel free to share this professional learning opportunity with them.

If you plan to use the ESTEEM materials during 2021 or 2022 in a content or pedagogy class for future or practicing teachers that addresses data analysis and statistics, please consider applying to participate in a webinar designed to support new ESTEEM users or individuals who have not participated in ESTEEM workshops/webinars previously. We can offer stipends of at least $200 for US-based mathematics teacher educators to do the following:

  1. Participate in a webinar Thursday, March 11, 2021 from 4:00-6:00 PM EST. In the webinar, authors of the ESTEEM materials will give an overview of our materials then you will dive into a few specific activities to help prepare you to implement ESTEEM materials in your own course(s).
  2. After you implement the ESTEEM materials (at least one module) you will complete a brief survey (20-30 minutes) to document how you used the materials and your impression of your students’ experiences.

Please complete this brief application if interested in participating. The application deadline is Friday, February 26. We will provide acceptance decisions by Wednesday, March 3.

Contact Rick Hudson at rhudson@usi.edu if you have any questions regarding this webinar or the application process.

Sent on Behalf of the ESTEEM Team [Hollylynne Lee, Rick Hudson, Stephanie Casey, Gemma Mojica, and Bill Finzer]