Covid-19 Pooled Testing Workshop for Pre-Algebra through Precalculus

With the support of COMAP, Lauren Seigel (MathHappens), Usha Kotelawala (Metamorphosis Teaching), and Maria Hernandez (North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, retired) have developed some lessons around The Math of Covid-19 Pooled Testing, and are offering virtual workshops on April 1 and 7. The free lesson materials are appropriate for Pre-Algebra through Precalculus students, and workshop participants will receive these materials. MathHappens has some cool hands-on kits that can give teachers and students a chance to do some fun experiments and are willing to send these kits to teachers.

The workshop is offered through Metamorphosis Teaching because they can manage getting teachers CEUs. They are charging a small fee for the workshop. 

Here is the  link for April 1st workshop registration (1 - 2:30 PM EST) and here is the  link for April 7th (4 - 5:30 PM EST) workshop registration through the Metamorphosis Teaching site.