Earn $$ to Pilot Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation Curriculum!

Dear Mathematics and Mathematics Teacher Educators:

We are recruiting Mathematics and Mathematics-Education Instructors to pilot the VCAST curriculum materials for Spring 2022! 

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The VCAST (Video Case Analysis of Student Thinking) modules are an innovative and engaging vehicle for teacher candidates to learn the different ways students think about secondary mathematics concepts related to functions and modeling. The project is now in its fifth year and the modules have been piloted at fourteen universities with over 250 participants.

Feedback from teacher candidates participating in the pilot include:

  • “This module really makes me think that the reasoning students have about their answers is the real thing we should be evaluating, and not just correct answers.”

  • “It did make it a bit more clear to me that students really do think in different ways. Just because a student doesn't take the same route to get to an answer, doesn't mean they can't get to that answer.”

  • “I also learned that it is not fair to immediately assume they will get the question right or wrong based on their initial start.”

We are currently in the process of gearing up for the 2022 spring semester. Our goal is to recruit an additional five Partner Instructors to further test and improve upon the modules. Participating instructors will receive a $1500 stipend for participating and will be provided asynchronous training and support throughout the pilot. 

For more information about becoming a VCAST Partner Instructor, please contact VCAST@boisestate.edu.