Chancery Software Offers Free Software to Current AMTE Members

Michael Jay, Manager of Teacher Desktop Tools at Chancery Software, offered AMTE members whose dues were current complimentary copies of CSL Curriculum Orchestrator Software. This software enables teachers and districts to easily develop curricula for their various coursesbest on a set of objectives. If you did not receive a letter offering you this opportunity, it means that you dues are do. Check your label for a 96. If it is not there renew your membership by February 20, 1996 and Chancery Software will extend its offer to you.

For those of you who did request copies of the software, following is a letter from Michael Jay explaining the status of your request.

Status of Complimentary CSL Curriculum Orchestrator Software Requests

30 Novemebr, 1995

Dear AMTE Member:

If you are an AMTE Member who phoned, faxed, or e-mailed in your request for a complimentary copy of CSL Curriculum Orchestrator (TM) from Chancery Software we apologize for the delay in updating you on the status of shipping dates.

CSL Curriculum Orchestrator is currently in the beta test stage in several schools around the US and is tentatively scheduled for release late January 1996. At the time we mailed our offer to give AMTE members a complimentary copy we anticipated an October 1995 release. However, the decision to include additional features in the original release has caused this delay.

When CSL Curriculum Orchestrator is released we will let you know via AMTE's listserv and WWW site. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we have for this product it may take us a few weeks to get all orders out the door, so please allow up to a month for delivery from the time we announce the release of CSL Curriculum Orchestrator.


Michael Jay
Chancery Software