AMTE Considers Holding Annual Conference on Mathematics Teacher Education

Mathematics teacher educators have much to share with each other. There are issues and concerns that we have that are not dealt with at such general forums as NCTM, MAA, and NCSM meeting. Science teacher educators hold there own annual meeting, with registration exceeding 300 and with submissions for presentations running close to 150.

AMTE members need to consider whether we want to arrange for a similar meeting. One suggestion is that we hold a separate meeting in January or February where all presentations will focus on teacher education. Another suggestion is that AMTE join with the Research Council on Diagnostic and Prescriptive Mathematics (RCDPM) or the Association of Teacher educators (ATE) and hold an annual meeting at the same time and site of their meeting (usually the end of February.) Either of these proposals will allow mathematics teacher educators to share their ideas with each other and discuss the issues we face. There are many questions that need to be explored.

If you have any thoughts or interest in pursuing this idea, contact Bob Wolffe, AMTE News' Associate Editor. He will compile the responses and report back to the membership on the AMTE listserv and at the annual meeting.