Discussion of NCTM's Professional Standards to Begin February First on AMTE's Listserv

Beginning February 1, 1996, Ron Ward, an AMTE,member and active participant on the NCTM-L, will begin a discussion on the NCTM Professional Standards. Here is a chance for you to discuss this important document with your colleagues across the country. A few questions will be posted weekly. They will serve as the basis for discussion by interested members. AS NCTM proceeds to look at possible revisions of the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards, we need to begin discussions of the Professional Standards so that we will be better able to address the issues they raise as the reform movement is under attack in various locales.


An electronic listserv was established for AMTE members in 1993 and has been steadily growing ever since. From just last fall, November 1994, the list has grown from 34 subscribers to a current membership of 78. This past year has seen moderate action on the listserv. For example, discussion occurred on the use of technology in mathematics education classes, two surveys were distributed, requests were made for information, and announcements of AMTE and related events were posted.

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We thank DeAnn Huinker of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for sending us this valuable information.

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