NSF Local Systemic Change Through Teacher Enhancement, Grades 7-12

The Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education at the National Science Foundation has announced the next phase of its initiative to implement education reform at the school district level, extending the mathematics and science focus for grades K-8 to secondary school mathematics. Local Systemic Change Through Teacher Enhancement in Mathematics, Grades 7-12 (LSCM) projects will continue a shift in focus from the professional development of the individual teacher to the professional development of the teacher within the whole school organization. Though targeting grades 7-12, school systems must articulate a clear, comprehensive plan that addresses the improvement of K-12 education in mathematics. All projects are expected to focus on teacher enhancement with attention to the implementation of exemplary instructional materials, as well as participate in a standardized evaluation to ensure accountability and monitor progress.

School systems or coalitions of school districts, in partnership with organizations with a scientific or educational mission, are eligible to submit proposals. Projects must provide teacher enhancement for a minimum of 100 teachers; each participating teacher must receive a minimum of 130 hours of professional development over the life of the project . A preliminary proposal to the NSF Teacher Enhancement Program is required before a full proposal can be accepted. For the second target date, preliminary proposals must be submitted no later than April 1, 1996, with full proposals postmarked no later than September 2, 1996. Proposals for planning grants do not require a preliminary proposal and will be received at NSF anytime.

Further information is contained in the Program Solicitation and Guidelines for Local Systemic Change Through Teacher Enhancement in Mathematics, Grades 7-12 (NSF 95-145).

Individuals wishing to discuss potential LSCM projects should contact Dr. Diane Spresser, dspresse@nsf.gov or Dr. Henry Kepner, hkepner@nsf.gov via e-mail, or telephoning the National Science Foundation at (703) 306-1613.

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