THE OSU DIRECT Middle School Mathematics Project

submitted by Jim Choike

In 1986, Oklahoma State University (OSU) was one of nine colleges/universities nationwide to receive funding from the National Science Foundation to develop a middle school mathematics teacher preparation program. The project, entitled "The Development, Implementation, and Research for Educating Competent Teachers (DIRECT) Project," was a five-year cooperative effort between the OSU College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education to develop a four-year undergraduate program by building on existing elementary and secondary education programs at OSU to prepare students for teaching mathematics at the middle school level. Characteristics of the DIRECT Middle School program in mathematics include:

The DIRECT Program was instrumental in raising the mathematics requirements for all OSU elementary education majors from 6 credits in mathematics, satisfied by two courses requiring no special college level mathematics prerequisites, to 9 credits, including 3 credits of College Algebra and two 3-credit course, Math Structures and Geometric Structures, each requiring College Algebra as a prerequisite.