President's Message:

Judith E. Jacobs
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

I hope that 1995-96 is going to be as an exciting year for you as it will be for AMTE. Since we last communicated, the AMTE's Board of Directors has been working on many projects. In this issue of AMTE News we share with you what has been happening. If AMTE is going to continue to grow, your help is needed.

One of our major goals to create a greater presence at professional meetings. This includes having sessions at NCTM meetings - both regional and annual, NCSM meetings, MAA meetings, meetings of other groups concerned with teacher education in a more general way. In particular, we are exploring ways of working with the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE.)

In addition to working with other organizations, we need to decide with which organizations we should affiliate. Currently we are focusing on our relationship with NCTM.

Internally, we are trying to liven up our presence on the World Wide Web. AMTE is a resource for contacting teacher educators world-wide. It also is a means for mathematics teacher educators to discuss those issues that are most important to us. We are planning to lead a discussion on the NCTM Professional Standards beginning this February.

All these things and more only can will happen with your help. As each of these activities are described in the newsletter, you will be given the name of the person who is providing the leadership in each area. Contact them and let them know you are available to help. Come up with some more activities for AMTE. And most importantly consider running for an AMTE office.