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Discussion LISTSERV

AMTE's LISTSERV continues to grow after its creation in 1993. Maintained at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, it is the fastest way to communicate with AMTE members. To subscribe, follow these steps:

  1. Send your message to: listserv@csd.uwm.edu
  2. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. Type only the following in the message body:
    subscribe amte [your name]
    example: subscribe amte DeAnn Huinker

After subscribing, you will receive all messages posted to the listserv and you will be able to post your own messages or reply to messages. To interact with the AMTE listserv and its members, send all mail to:


All administrative requests, such as subscribe, unsubscribe, receive a list of help commands, and so on, should be addressed to listserv@csd.uwm.edu. If you have problems with the listserv or questions, you may send mail to DeAnn Huinker at huinker@csd.uwm.edu or contact the system operator, Dave Rasmussen, at dave@csd.uwm.edu.

Note: Here is a measure of the effectiveness of AMTE's listserv. One AMTE member posted an announcement of a position opening on a Wednesday at 5 PM. The next morning (by 8 AM) he had four inquiries.

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