2012 AMTE Award Winner: Dr. Deborah Lowenberg Ball

Excellence in Teaching in Mathematics Teacher Education Award

Deborah Lowenberg Ball
University of Michigan

Dr. Deborah Lowenberg Ball of the University of Michigan received the 2012 AMTE Excellence in Teaching in Mathematics Teacher Education Award. As a recipient of the award Dr. Ball presented a talk at the conference entitled ―(How) Can Mathematics Teaching Be Taught?‖ Dr. Ball is currently the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and William H. Payne Collegiate Professor in Education, as well as the Dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan. She has authored over 100 academic articles or book chapters. She is well known for her writing and research that focuses on, among other things, what mathematical knowledge is important for teachers to know to teach for understanding and how teachers‘ mathematical knowledge impacts their instructional practice.




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This issue includes a feature article from the Early Career Recipient, Christopher Jett, who offers good advice on "...thriving as an early career mathematics teacher educator." Also, there is an announcement of the appointment of the new Executive Director for AMTE and updates from the Leadership Team. In addition, there is important information about current calls for nominations, articles, and  important dates for the 2020 Annual Conference.

James Telese, Editor