AMTE Awards

The Board of Directors of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators has established awards to recognize outstanding work in mathematics teacher education.

National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowships

Awarded Annually

Recognizes exemplary presentations related to integration of technology in core content areas at the AMTE Annual Conference.

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2024 Award Recipients

Cathrine Maiorca
Megan Burton
Jessica Ivy
Thomas Roberts

AMTE Dissertation Award

Awarded Annually

The annual AMTE dissertation award serves as a means to elevate the work of early career scholars whose research has strong implications for mathematics teacher education that supports preservice and practicing teachers in any of the following ways: to understand the ways in which social, historical, and institutional contexts of mathematics affect teaching and learning; to teach in ways that are responsive to such realities; and to advocate for each and every student.

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2024 Award Recipient

Siddhi Desai

Nina Bailey

Mathematics Teacher Educator Outstanding Reviewer Award

Awarded Annually

Recognizes a colleague who, through their service as a reviewer for Mathematics Teacher Educator journal, provided exemplary feedback as part of blinded peer-review of scholarly manuscripts.

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2024 Award Recipient

Dan Battey

Susan Gay Graduate Student Conference Travel Scholarship

Awarded Annually

Provides financial support to graduate students to attend the AMTE annual conference.

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Elementary Mathematics Specialist Scholarship

Awarded Annually

Provides funding to support mathematics teachers to enhance their mathematics knowledge, teaching, and leadership while developing expertise as an elementary mathematics specialist.

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2023 Award Recipients

Kelly Lane

Molly McEldowney

Amanda Wooten