Get the Facts Out

Get the Facts Out: Changing the conversation around math teacher recruitment

Did you know?

  • teachers rate their lives better than all other occupation groups, trailing only physicians.
  • mid-career teacher salaries range between $60,000 and $100,000
  • most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than private industry

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Get the Facts Out is an NSF-funded project designed to provide mathematics and other STEM faculty with the tools to explain and correct misperceptions about teaching with data on salary, benefits, and career satisfaction of STEM secondary school teachers.

Share the research-based, user-tested resources with students, colleagues, and administrators and become a local champion! The project also includes qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate optimal approaches to disseminating messaging about careers in secondary STEM teaching.

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Join us for the Second Annual Get the Facts Out/Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership Pre-conference at the AMTE 2023 Conference! See Connections for more information.


Meet the Math Change Agents

AMTE has appointed five change agents to help advise and shape this effort and disseminate the Get the Facts Out project.

Glenn H Waddell, Task Force Chair  Jean Lee Lisa Amick
University of Nevada, Reno University of Indianapolis                 University of Kentucky
  Brian R. Lawler   Sarah Roller Dyess  
  Kennesaw State University   University of Alabama in Huntsville  


The AMTE Change Agents presented GFO materials at the 2022 MTEP/GFO Preconference in Las Vegas, NV. Co-PIs Wendy Adams and Drew Isola also attended.

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