Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award

The Board of Directors of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators has established the Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award, to be presented once every three years at the Annual Conference.

Seeking Nominations

Nominations are due June 15, 2021.

Nomination Form

The Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award is intended to recognize a colleague for a unique contribution in service that has made a significant and lasting contribution to mathematics teacher education, directly and indirectly. The nominee must have demonstrated commitment to mathematics teacher education through one or more of the following areas:

  1. Active participation in advancing the development and improvement of mathematics teacher education (e.g., membership and leadership roles in state, national, and international organizations).
  2. Active promotion and participation in activities promoting quality mathematics teacher education (e.g., creator of programs, coordinator of programs, writing and participating in grants, conferences, symposia, academies, supervisor of a student affiliate organization).
  3. Active participation in the governmental and political areas to promote and protect beneficial legislation, to promote better awareness, and/or to build better communication.
  4. Active promotion and participation in school-university-community-government partnerships that have advanced mathematics teacher education (local, state, national level).
  5. An unusual commitment to the support of mathematics teachers in the field (such as distinctive mentoring experiences).

Criteria for Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award

The nominee for the Excellence in Leadership and Service Award should be an active member of the mathematics teacher education community and have at least five years of commitment to mathematics teacher education. He or she should have made unique contributions to the field of mathematics teacher education. Unique contributions should be considered in the broadest sense possible.

NOTE: Nominations for this award are for individuals only. Group nominations will not be considered.

Documentation Required for Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award

Please be sure that all items are in .pdf.doc, or .docx format, and are clearly labeled with the name of the nominee.

  1. A current vita of the nominee, focused on excellence in service to mathematics teacher education (5 page limit).
  2. A letter of nomination documenting the nominee‘s eligibility for the award, related to the criteria listed above.
  3. Additional letters of support (no more than four) for the nomination from individuals knowledgeable of the nominee‘s contributions relative to one or more of the criteria stated above.

Nomination Process

AMTE members can nominate a mathematics teacher educator who meets the criteria of the award. Self-nominations will not be considered. Nomination materials should include those stated in each section above.

The committee will review applications in an electronic format; all application materials should be submitted as a single PDF file. The file should be uploaded to the AMTE website, using the link above.

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations for the Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award is June 15.

Review Procedure

The AMTE Awards Committee, a six-member committee, will review the materials and select the award winner. The award recipient will be notified no later than September 1, 2021, so that the person can have time to make arrangements to attend the AMTE conference.

Roll Over Process

Beginning 2019, nominators can select to have their candidates be considered for the Excellence in Leadership and Service Award up to three years (provided that the nominee is still eligible for the award). Since the award is only given every three years, excellence awards candidates would have 2 chances to be selected. The individuals nominating the candidates will have the option to opt-in to roll over their candidate to another year by selecting a box on the application. If the nominator decided to opt-in, during the next awards cycle the nominator would be able to submit updated materials; however, updated materials are not a requirement. If you have questions about the process, please contact the Associate Vice-President for Awards.


The award recipient will receive a plaque and be recognized at the AMTE Annual Conference in the year in which he or she receives the award. The winner of this Excellence Award will give a featured presentation at the Annual Conference in the year they receive the award.