Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators of Alabama (AMTEA)

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators of Alabama (AMTEA)

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05/16/2023 - 11:09am
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The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators of Alabama (AMTEA) is the state affiliate for the national Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. We work collaboratively with the Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ACTM). Our primary business meeting is held annually as part of the ACTMs annual conference.

Our purpose is to improve the preparation of mathematics teachers in Alabama. 

The goals of AMTEA:

  • Promote leadership among mathematics teacher educators
  • Encourage research related to mathematics teacher education
  • Encourage and support programs for prospective teachers
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among mathematics teacher educators
  • Collaborate with other associations, organizations, and governmental (national, state, & local) units to strengthen the mathematical, pedagogical, and clinical preparation of mathematics teachers at all levels
  • Facilitate collaboration among mathematics teacher educators who are members of different academic units
  • Encourage and organize programs that center on teacher preparation, certification, and professional development
  • Foster the incorporation of technology into the teacher education programs & professional development
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Tod Beers
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Jeremy Zelkowski, University of Alabama
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Affiliate Secretary: 
Johanna Massey, Alabama A&M University
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W. Gary Martin, Auburn University
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Summary of Recent Affiliate Accomplishments and Upcoming Activities: 

Upcoming activities include: Establishing an AMTEA Annual Calendar of Events; Looking at AMTE structures in order to establish a clearer connections in our work as an affiliate; Supporting Connections with regular postings to the Affiliate Corner; Identifying what other AMTE Affiliates are doing which we could easily emulate; Updates on EPP work at the state DOE; Consider options for the website to be better connected/linked to areas of interest within AMTE; Updates on Math Teacher Education Partnership; and discussion on AMTEA joining with other organizations in the state.

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