Florida Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (FAMTE)

Florida Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (FAMTE)

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02/08/2023 - 8:26am
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FAMTE, an affiliate of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, is a non-profit organization created to promote mathematics teacher education in all its aspects in Florida. At the recent meeting of FAMTE, interested faculty of public and private universities throughout Florida established the organization, ratified its constitution and bylaws, and elected a Board of Directors.

The members of FAMTE are concerned with the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers. Thus we wish to work cooperatively with state and national agencies to enhance the mathematical, pedagogical, and clinical preparation of prospective teachers of mathematics at all levels, K-20, concerning criteria for credentialing and licensing of teachers.

Additionally, another of our goals is to establish productive relationships and networks among mathematics teacher educators in Florida and legislative bodies of the government to facilitate communication and collaboration among mathematics teacher educators at all levels; elementary, secondary, community college, college, and college university with state agencies. Due to the current needs for effective mathematics teacher educators and those anticipated in the state in the future, we wish to enhance high-quality mathematics education in Florida. Realizing that all stakeholders from many professional, legislative, and community groups have much to gain from collaborative alliance to improve mathematics teacher education, FAMTE members are prepared to develop action plans that are mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

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Hui Fang "Angie" Su
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We just had our second year of a very successful joint conference with the Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA).  I am attaching a copy of the Conference Program here for your reference. 

We presented two awards at the Conference, K-12 Mathematics Teacher Educator of the year (Recipient:  Terri Sebring of FLDOE), and Mathematics Teacher Educator of the Year (Recipient:  Dr. Rob Schoen of FSU) 

We have a new journal, entitled “Transformations.”  I am pleased to announce that the journal’s impact factor is about 2.2!  Not too bad for a relatively new journal.   

Our goal is to increase pay membership and recruit new members to serve on the board.  We have only one paid membership yearly. 

We were able to generate some income through the joint conference.  

Conference 2019 Video