Illinois Mathematics Teacher Educators (IMTE)

Illinois Mathematics Teacher Educators (IMTE)

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01/29/2022 - 8:38am
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Illinois Mathematics Teacher Educators (IMTE) is an organization of mathematics teacher educators, residing and/or working in the State of Illinois.

The goal of IMTE is to promote quality mathematics teacher education in Illinois in all aspects. Specifically, the purposes are to:

  • Promote quality undergraduate programs in mathematics education for prospective teachers in the State of Illinois
  • Work cooperatively with the State of Illinois agencies to enhance the mathematical, pedagogical, and clinical preparation of prospective teachers of mathematics at all levels (kindergarten through grade twenty)
  • Promote quality programs for the professional development of teachers of mathematics at all levels
  • Facilitate communication among mathematics teacher educators and consultants at the elementary, secondary, community college, and college and university levels.
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Todd Oberg
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Barbara O'Donnell
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Cathy Kaduk
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IMTE holds its annual business meeting in conjunction with the annual ICTM conference each October and aims to have a summer gathering to discuss and share the ongoing work of members.  IMTE helps communicate state changes in policy and provides a place for institutions of higher education to strengthen their programs through collaboration and sharing.  In addition, IMTE hosts webinars and Zoom chats to bring members together throughout the year.


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