Iowa Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (IOWA AMTE)

Iowa Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (IOWA AMTE)

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05/15/2023 - 8:03am
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The Iowa Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (IowaAMTE) was established as an affiliate on February 19, 2010. Our goals are to:

  • facilitate communication and collaboration among mathematics teacher educators across the state of Iowa.
  • work cooperatively with Iowa and national certification and testing agencies to enhance the mathematical, pedagogical, and clinical preparation of teachers of mathematics at all levels with respect to criteria credentialing and licensing teachers in Iowa.
  • work cooperatively with Iowa and national government agencies and policy setting groups on issues related to mathematics and mathematics teacher education.
  • encourage research related to mathematics teacher education, especially research which identifies factors that contribute to improving the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers at all levels.
  • promote leadership among Mathematics Teacher Educators in the broad mathematics education community in Iowa.
  • create awareness and knowledge of different pre-service mathematics teacher education programs and/ or professional development activities in the state of Iowa.
  • promote the professional development of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Iowa.

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Our annual Iowa AMTE Conference is being held April 1, 2023 at the University of Iowa.


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Kathy Schmidt Estrada
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Sam Eskelson
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Kathy Rogotzke
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