AMTE Conference: State-Level AMTE EMS Certification

AMTE Conference: State-Level AMTE
Elementary Mathematics Specialist (EMS) Certification

July 7-9, 2011 Louisville, Kentucky

Purpose of Conference

  • Share the AMTE document, Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists: A Reference for Teacher Credentialing and Degree Programs (2010).
  • Understand state-specific processes for adding new certification/endorsement related to EMS professionals.
  • Share strategies used by states recently adding (or initiating the process of) EMS certification (e.g., Virginia, Ohio, Missouri)
  • Share and develop materials necessary for preparing a request for state-level EMS certification/endorsement.

The expected outcome of the conference is to support states beginning the process of establishing state-level EMS certification.

Application process: Download and submit EMS Certification Conference Application

Application deadline: April 29, 2011. Application must be submitted as an email attachment to with AMTE EMS State Conference in the subject line.

Notification: States will be notified of their acceptance for the conference by May 6, 2011. If a state has multiple applications and is accepted for the conference, we may contact those submitting applications to encourage collaboration since each state selected to attend the conference can have only one team.

Cost: We are fortunate to have funding from the Brookhill Foundation to cover most or all of your expenses. The following costs will be covered: travel (up to $450 per person or $2,250 per team) and conference meal expenses (Thursday evening dessert reception, Friday breakfast, lunch, & dinner, Saturday breakfast & lunch). In an effort to be fiscally responsible, we are asking team members to share lodging if possible. We will pay for 3 rooms per team for two nights. If additional rooms are desired, you will be responsible for those expenses.

Expectations: Following the conference, teams will finalize their action plan for establishing state-level EMS certification. A report detailing progress on the action plan should be submitted via [online reporting system] by January 13, 2012 and again by June 15, 2012.