MTE Special Call for Articles

As you think about your summer writing plans, keep in mind that the Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE) is seeking manuscripts that document how mathematics teacher educators make connections between their work on improving practice (with preservice or inservice teachers) and NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (PtA). As has been discussed (MTE Editorial Board, 2014), PtA is based on research about effective mathematics teaching practices that are at the core of the work of mathematics teacher educators. The PtA document makes an important contribution to that work by making explicit and accessible key components of effective mathematics teaching. The Editorial Board of MTE encourages teacher educators to submit manuscripts that do two things: (1) describe learning experiences they have designed using the PtA: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All document; and (2) provide evidence of how these experiences have enhanced the knowledge, beliefs, or practices of preservice or inservice teachers.

The MTE journal, a joint publication of AMTE and NCTM, is dedicated to building a professional knowledge base for mathematics teacher educators that stems from, develops, and strengthens practitioner knowledge. Manuscripts should contain a description of the problem or issue of mathematics teacher education that is addressed, the methods/interventions/tools that were used, the means by which these methods/interventions/tools and their results were studied and documented, and the application of the results to practice (both the authors’ practice and that of the larger community). Manuscripts for this call should provide clear evidence of the impact the use of the PtA document-related experience has had on mathematics teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, or practice. More details about submitting to the journal are provided at

Please identify manuscripts for this special call by listing “PtA” as a keyword during the submission process. The deadline for this call is September 1, 2015.

The Mathematics Teacher Educator Editorial Board (Summer 2014). A Call to Action: Leveraging Practices. AMTE Connections, 23(4), pp. 3-4.