2016 Summer and Fall Webinars

July 20, 2016 (4-5 pm EST)

Title: Getting Started with Mathematical Modeling in the Early Grades
The IMMERSION program is a partnership between school districts and university mathematics educators to help elementary school teachers engage their students in mathematical modeling.  This webinar will introduce participants to mathematical modeling and the ways we help teachers facilitate mathematical modeling in their classrooms.  It will include examples of modeling activities that have been used in K-8 classrooms.
  • Rachel Levy, Harvey Mudd College


September, 2016 (date TBD; 4-5 pm EST)

  • Nadine Bezuk, San Diego State University
Topic: AMTE's Mathematics Teacher Preparation Standards

October, 2016 (date TBD; 4-5 pm EST)

Title: Cases for Teacher Educators: Facilitating Conversations about Inequities in Mathematics Classrooms
Mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) often feel challenged when they discuss equity-related topics with pre-service and in-service teachers. The first book in the AMTE Professional Book series is offered as a professional development resource to help navigate these very challenging conversations. The book, Cases for Teacher Educators: Facilitating Conversations about Inequities in Mathematics Classrooms, is a collection of cases centered on equity as a vehicle to prepare MTEs to discuss inequities in their mathematics methods, content, and professional development courses. Each chapter includes a case accompanied by three reflective commentaries. In this webinar we will provide an overview of the book through a sample of some of the dilemmas faced by the case authors, and the strategies offered by the authors and commentators for creating inclusive and equitable mathematics classrooms. Attendees will also have an opportunity to read and discuss an abbreviated version of two chapters and learn about strategies for facilitating these cases with their colleagues and other MTEs.
  • Dorothy Y. White, University of Georgia
  • Sandra Crespo, Michigan State University
  • Marta Civil, The University of Arizona