Research Resources Available for Members

How can the Research Committee best support you?

The AMTE Research Committee desires to support AMTE members in developing a vibrant community of researchers who share in the development of knowledge that improves the teaching and learning of those who prepare mathematics teachers. We welcome suggestions from the membership on what venues and resources would be helpful for developing and supporting such a community; please send suggestions to John Lannin at

We also have a number of resources targeted at the membership more broadly, which can be found on the Research tab of the AMTE website. The Research tab includes three sub-sections: Useful ArticlesGetting Personal, and Research News. The first section, Useful Articles, includes a bibliography of mathematics teacher education articles grouped into the following categories: elementary methods and content, secondary methods and content, professional development, and MTE development/doctoral courses. The second section, Getting Personal, has interviews that the Research Committee members have conducted with mathematics teacher educators. Six interviews are currently posted: Dr. Beth Herbel-EisemannDr. Karen KarpDr. Barbara ReysDr. Randy PhilippDr. Rochelle Gutierrez, and Dr. Eric (Rico) Gutstein. Our Committee plans to continue this series. The Research News section includes a list of important dates for conferences and proposal deadlines of interest to the AMTE membership. It also includes a brief summary and upcoming deadlines for various grant solicitations.

We hope to hear from you soon!

AMTE Research Committee

John Lannin (Chair), Babette M. Benken (Board rep), Hilda Borko, Mathew Felton-Koestler, Janet Frost, Imani Goffney, Sarah van Ingen