AMTE's Spring & Summer 2018 Webinars

AMTE's Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce two upcoming webinars. Additional information can be found on the AMTE Webinars page.

If you have ideas for future webinars, please submit them to the Submit a Webinar Idea page.


March 27, 2018

Materials for Practice-based Teacher Education 4 Part Series

Session 4: Addressing Opportunities to Learn to Teach Mathematics (AMTE Standard P.3)


This fourth and final part of the LessonSketch Research and Development webinar series focuses on AMTE Indicator P.3.1 (Address Deep and Meaningful Mathematics Content Knowledge) and Elaboration HS.7 (Mathematical Content Preparation of Teachers of Mathematics at the High School Level). Orly Buchbinder (University of New Hampshire) presents two modules that focus on the roles of examples in proving. Bill Zahner (San Diego State University) focuses on preservice teachers’ understanding of exponents and “rules that expire.” Emina Alibegovic (Rowland Hall-St. Marks) shares an undergraduate-level geometry course designed around three modules: axiomatic development, transformational geometry, and similarity and area.


Orly Buchbinder, University of New Hampshire; Argumentation

Bill Zahner, San Diego State University; Defining Exponents

Emina Alibegovic, Rowland Hall-St. Marks School; Geometry for Teachers


April 30, 2018


This year’s National Technology Leadership Initiative (NTLI) award winners will share ideas around their work related to developing preservice teachers’ TPACK of functions.