Update on the STaR Fellows Program

The Service, Teaching and Research (STaR) Program is now accepting applications for the 2019 cohort, which will meet in Park City, UT June 17-22, 2019. The STaR program is open to faculty members U.S. institutions who are in their first or second year of an appointment at the time of application. The program provides an opportunity for early career faculty members to develop a network of peers and to interact with more experienced colleagues around issues of service, teaching, and research. Please encourage eligible mathematics education faculty members to learn more. Program and application information can be found on the AMTE website. The application deadline is December 1, 2018; decisions will be announced by January 31, 2019.

The STaR program is sponsored by AMTE, with funding being provided through two main sources:

  • The generous support of various professional organizations (including AMTE, AMTE state affiliates, NCTM, SIG/RME, PME-NA, ASA, CPM and CMP) and private individuals. These funds are used to provide STaR Fellows with lodging and some meals
  • The support of STaR fellows’ home institutions. These funds provide funding for transportation to and from Park City, some meals, and expenses associated with attending a follow-up meeting prior to AMTE in 2020. Institutional expenses are estimated at $1500.

The STaR program has supported nine cohorts since 2010, and has thus worked with over 300 early career mathematics educators from over 100 different higher education institutions. These STaR Fellows come from over 100 different higher education institutions. These STaR Fellows and the 2019 institute Co-Directors, Keith Leatham, Marta Civil, and Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, are happy to answer questions from prospective applicants. Feedback from the 2018 Fellows illustrates what one can expect from the program:

"STaR was a truly transformative experience. Being able to spend five days with such an amazing group of mathematics educators has helped me improve my practice in a way I never imagined. Being at STaR has allowed me to develop a professional network that spans the country and the relationships that were formed in Park City have continued to foster since then."

"I was told to apply for STaR by two of my colleagues that went through the STaR institute themselves and told me how amazing an experience it was for them. I can say now after having gone through it myself that I agree with them completely. Just the networking with other people that are dealing with the same struggles in the field is tremendous and has helped me to think about how I approach difficulty issues in my career andhelp me learn strategies to be successful. Furthermore, being able to interact with others over common issues in teaching and scholarship was extremely helpful...Also, having the opportunity to share manuscripts with others and give and receive feedback was extremely helpful as I do not really have anyone at my institution to help me with this and I have already been able to turn around a manuscript as a result. Overall, the STaR program has been an amazing experience. I am back at my institution now with a new found confidence to tackle any challenge and to propel my career forward and be successful.  Furthermore, I have a new support system to help me do so."

The STaR program is dependent on donations to ensure the future of this vibrant program. Of significance is the fact that over half of past STaR Fellows have contributed to the AMTE STaR fund. PLEASE consider giving $25, $50, $100 or more. 

Learn HOW TO DONATE click the link; it will take you to the AMTE website for more information.