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It is time to RENEW your organization's AMTE affiliation for the February 2019 - January 2020 AMTE year! Affiliate dues ar $80 and should be submitted by April 1, 2019.

Is your affiliate's page in the AMTE Affiliates Directory up to date? One representative from each affiliate can be granted access to edit that affiliate's information in the online directory. Each affiliate page includes an overview section that can link to the affiliate website, display a list of affiliate leaders, and include a section for additional information. Click the link, Manage Your Affiliate's Webpage, to find out more about managing your webpage. The link to the AMTE Web Team provides an easy way to register or change your affiliate representative.

AMTEC (Connecticut)

The Associated Mathematics Teacher Educator in Connecticut (AMTEC) has entered its lucky 13th year! Our big event this fall was our first collaborative networking event, coordinated across multiple state organizations including ATOMIC (an NCTM affiliate) and CCLM (an NCTM and CCSM affiliate), as well as Central Connecticut State University and the Benjamin Banneker Association. We hosted the event in conjunction with the NCTM Regional held in Hartford in October. Attended by nearly 100 state educators, the evening featured networking opportunities and three powerful, short talks by Connecticut math educators. The educators highlighted their professional growth and how professional organizations had supported them in their journeys. The event was very well received, and this has inspired us to seek more collaborative opportunities with our other state organizations.

Looking ahead, we are holding our annual Business Meeting and Conference in March. The collaborative component of the meeting will be organized as an exchange, where attendees are invited to bring and share (in a semi-structured format) assignments, projects, key lessons, etc., from their courses that support preservice teachers in developing the needed conceptual and professional skill to implement high quality mathematics instruction. The focus is on both the development of preservice teachers’ mathematical knowledge/competencies, as well as their teaching practice. As Connecticut is current in the midst of its edTPA roll out, one focus will be on how MTEs are supporting students in meeting the demands of this new performance task. Elections will also be held at this meeting.


The Iowa AMTE will host its annual conference on March 2, 2019. The day will feature our national AMTE President, Michael Steele, who has been a leader in creating many of the materials we use in the field including the Principles to Action Tool Kit for NCTM, the Taking Action book for middle school, and the AMTE Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics.  In addition to Dr. Steele, many wonderful Iowa MTEs will be sharing their work with Iowa in-service and pre-service teachers that exemplifies the "action" part of Principles to Action.

AMMTE (Maryland)

The Maryland chapter of AMTE (AMMTE) is hosting several events this semester. 

We will host the fourth annual Early Career Teaching Conference on Saturday February 23. The conference features Ms. Rachael Degnan, Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics' (MCTM) Beginning Teacher of the Year as our keynote speaker and three rounds of six concurrent sections. All 19 of these session are created and presented by early career teachers for early career teachers.

AMMTE in collaboration with the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) and Stevenson University are hosting an interactive talk by Dr. Robert Berry and Rebekah Berlin. This interactive talk entitled “Confronting the Lies I tell Myself” will take place on Monday February 25th.

Later this semester AMMTE will also host two additional webinars: (1) “Inviting Rough Draft Thinking to Humanize the Mathematics Classroom”Webinar with by Dr. Mandy Jansen, University of Delaware on Thursday, March 28th @ 7pm and (2) “Preservice Teachers’ Conceptions of Equity” Webinar with Dr. Christa Jackson, University of Iowa on Thursday, April 11th @ 7pm. All AMTE members are welcome to participate. Check out our website AMMTE for more details and to register.

MI-AMTE (Michigan)

After enjoying three wonderful days in Orlando, MI-AMTE is in the final days of planning for Conversation Among Colleagues at Hope College on March 16. Plenary speakers include Mike Steele, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and AMTE President, and Ziv Feldman, Boston University. In addition, nearly 30 speakers will conduct 18 sessions/conversations during four breakouts.

Please join us for all the wonderful hospitality that Hope College and Holland has to offer! For more information please see:  MI-AMTE

(MAT^2) Missouri Mathematics Association for the Advancement of Teacher Training

(MAT^2) will be holding their Spring conference in mid-May.

WI-AMTE (Wisconsin)

WI-AMTE has started a new webinar series called Dynamic Discussion. They are one hour monthly talks about key mathematical ideas. Our first session was on Problem Solving Tasks and our second is  Differentiation/Intervention/Remediation. Visiting our website: will include a link to a video of the sessions along with other resources. Additionally, we will be launching a series of videos on college and career readiness. The videos will be about 2 minutes long with supporting documents on next steps. They will be appearing on our website within the next month

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