Newest Articles in CITE Journal

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Mathematics Teacher Education

As CITE-Math Editors, Shannon Driskell and Ann Wheeler, we are delighted to share the recent publications in CITE-Math. 

Stephanie Casey, Rick Hudson, Taylor Harrison, Heather Barker, and Jordan Draper are featured in Volume 20, Issue 2: Preservice Teachers’ Design of Technology-Enhanced Statitical Tasks. They share a study that examined the characteristics of technology-enhanced statistical tasks written by 75 preservice mathematics teachers who used the ESTEEM project’s curriculum materials. In particular, they investigated the extent to which the tasks incorporated three key aspects related to best practices for teaching statistics: (a) analysis of large, multivariate, real datasets; (b) continual connection to context, and (c) engagement in the statistical investigation cycle. In the article, they provide links to the activities used in the study. 

Leslie Suters and Henry Suters are featured in Volume 20, Issue 3: Coding for the Core: Computational Thinking and Middle Grades Mathematics. They describe a 72-hour summer institute for grades 6-8 middle school mathematics teachers with a comprehensive approach to professional development, including computer programming with Bootstrap Algebra and Lego® Mindstorms® robotics, mathematics content sessions, and mathematics pedagogy sessions. Results of an assessment used to measure content knowledge and computational thinking skills as well as the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge survey yielded statistically significant increases.

The Volume 20, Issue 4 articles, published in December 2020, will be featured in the next Connections publication.