The AMTE Board of Directors: How Might You Get Involved with AMTE?

Serving on the AMTE Board of Directors is a commitment, an honor, a service, and many other things. Wondering about which role might suit your skills and interests? The Nominations and Elections Committee has been working hard to help you figure this out! This year the opportunities are: President, Treasurer, and Board Member-at-Large. Insights from current and past leaders in these roles are shared in this issue of Connections, so check them out as you consider the opportunities.   

Please consider serving AMTE in one of these ways, or encourage others to do so. The first step is nomination. You can nominate yourself or nominate another AMTE member. To learn more and submit a nomination, please visit the AMTE Election 2021 website and submit your name by June 15, 2021. All nominees will be contacted and receive details on the application process. If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Bay-Williams, Chair of Nominations & Elections Committee at