AMTE Board of Directors Nominations Now Open

Serving on the AMTE Board of Directors is a commitment, an honor, a service, and many other things. Wondering about which role might suit your skills and interests? The Nominations and Elections Committee has been working hard to help you figure this out! This year the opportunities are: Treasurer and Board Member-at-Large. Current and past AMTE Board Members share perspectives in this issue of Connections. Current treasurer Allyson Hallman-Thrasher reflects on her time as Treasurer and her reasons to run as well as current Board Member-at-Large Angela Barlow shares a reflection on being in her role. You can also find insights from Board Members in the following past issues of Connections: 2021 Spring Connections Issue, 2022 Spring Connections Issue, and 2023 Spring Connections Issue. Check them out as you consider these opportunities.   

Please consider serving AMTE in one of these ways, or encourage others to do so. The first step is nomination. You can nominate yourself or nominate another AMTE member. To learn more and submit a nomination, please visit the AMTE Election 2024 website and submit your name by June 15, 2024. All nominees will be contacted and receive details on the application process. If you have any questions, contact Ruby Ellis, Chair of Nominations & Elections Committee, at

Insights from Current and Past Leaders

Reflections from Current Treasurer Allyson Hallman-Thrasher

I remember attending my first AMTE conference in 2009 as a graduate student trying to decide on a dissertation topic. Every session I attended helped support my thinking about my research interests and led me to develop a dissertation proposal. I am committed to AMTE’s mission of improving mathematics teacher education and supporting MTEs. Serving as treasurer gave me an opportunity to give back to an organization that has supported me in establishing a professional identity.

As Treasurer, I track monthly expenses and income, pay bills and reimbursements, and provide updates on our financial standing to the board. Additionally, I lead the Finance Committee, guiding discussions on our organization's long-term financial objectives and strategic priorities. Working closely with the Board, Finance Committee, and Executive Director, I craft an annual budget aligned with AMTE priorities and divisional requirements, which I then report on in our annual report. One of the most important duties of the treasurer is to serve as a voting member of the Board who explicitly keeps the long-term financial health and priorities of AMTE at the forefront of decision making. My most important contribution has been helping to vet our new association management company. I am enthusiastic about the potential Civica brings to our organization and their initiatives aimed at fostering the growth of AMTE.

To those considering serving as Treasurer in the future, a love of spreadsheets will be helpful. It is a different kind of work than our typical our ‘day’ jobs and it can provide a welcome break from the heavy lifting associated with teaching, research, and service duties. The tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined with specific goals and timelines for completion. As Treasurer, you will interact with a wide range of our members and become familiar with all aspects of the organization, not just a single division. With our new association management company on board, there is new support for the treasurer, which provides more opportunity to think about the big picture and less time spent managing small details. 


Reflections on Being a Board Member-at-Large by Angela Barlow

Why did you decide to run for a Board position at AMTE?

I attended my first AMTE conference in 2003, and immediately recognized how important this organization and its members were going to be for my professional growth. Over time, I have transitioned from a member who receives to one who gives back. After having served on several committees and volunteered in other capacities, I felt compelled to give back in a slightly bigger way by serving on the Board.  

Can you describe what was involved in your position at AMTE?

As a member of the Board, I participate in monthly meetings. Most months, we meet virtually and discuss the inner-workings of the organization as well as how we engage within the larger landscape of mathematics education. In addition to the virtual meetings, I have attended the Board retreat in the fall and the day-long meeting prior to the annual conference. These face-to-face meetings allow us to collaboratively engage in activities and discussions that direct the future of the organization. 

In addition, I serve as a liaison between the Board and a division. During this past year, I worked with the wonderful folks in the Advocacy, Equity, and Research Division. This work involved attending the monthly meetings of the committee chairs, which were led by the division’s vice president (shout out to Crystal!). In these meetings, I engaged in conversations with committee chairs as they shared their work and sought input regarding their committee’s work. 

Reflecting on your time as a Board Member-at-Large what would say was one of your important contributions?

This past year, the board considered the potential of utilizing an association management company, which would include a person from the company serving as AMTE’s executive director. I was one of the board members who participated in meetings with the two companies that were considered. Having previously served on the board of NCSM, I was familiar with this model of supporting the work of an organization and was able to draw on this experience as our Board engaged in these discussions. 

What would say was the most fun aspect of being a Board Member-at-Large for AMTE?

The members of the Board are phenomenal people. I have enjoyed getting to know them, and working alongside them. The most fun aspect for me, though, has been representing the Board during the conference. Whether attending the early career/graduate student reception or the presentations of our award winners, the conference brings us all together, and it reminds me of the huge impact the choice to attend that first conference over 20 years ago has had on me as a mathematics teacher educator. 

What would you say to others who are considering applying?

Two words: Do it! It is such a rewarding experience to learn alongside fellow mathematics teacher educators as we guide the future direction of AMTE.