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Teaching Math Teaching Podcast

Here are the latest episodes of the Teaching Math Teaching podcast. More episodes can be found at teachingmathteachingpodcast.com or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Matthew Campbell: Supporting Collaborative Teacher-Led Improvement of Mathematics Teaching

Learning to teach math teachers better with Dr. Matthew Campbell, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Associate Director & Coordinator of Teacher Education at West Virginia University, as he shares his experiences and advice on being a mathematics teacher educator as well as sharing his work with the Moutaineer Mathematics Master Teacher (M3T) Project. Matt also shares his experiences with the STaR (Service Teaching and Research) Fellowship program and how listeners can apply to be a STaR fellow or help fund the program.

Sarah Bush: Feeling Valued Matters for Teachers and Students

Learning to teach math teachers better with Dr. Sarah Bush, Professor of K-12 STEM Education and Lockheed Martin Eminent Scholar Chair in the School of Teacher Education at the University of Central Florida. Sarah shares about her roles within NCTM as a Board Member (2019-2022) and Task Force Chair and Lead Writer for Catalyzing Change in Middle School Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations. She also speaks about the Master Teacher Fellows and their work in a Noyce Track 3 grant, Empowering STEM Teachers with Earned Doctorates.

Sam Otten: Listening to Teachers to Incrementally Improve Mathematics Instruction

Learning to teach math teachers better with Dr. Sam Otten, Associate Professor, Lois Knowles Faculty Fellow, and Department Chair in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum at the University of Missouri, as he shares advice and insight on the importance of listening to teachers when working to improve instructional practice in mathematics classrooms. He also discusses his research on flipped mathematics instruction, and the Math Ed Podcast that he started in 2012.