Special Call for Connections Manuscripts: Artificial Intelligence in Mathematics Teacher Education

Special Call for Manuscripts: Artificial Intelligence in Mathematics Teacher Education

The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators’ publication Connections is seeking brief manuscripts related to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mathematics teacher education. AI has been defined as the use of computers and machines to mimic human perception, decision-making, and other processes to complete a task. AI has been a major discussion point in mathematics education, with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics recently releasing a position statementMathematics teacher education includes initial teacher preparation and the continuing education and professional development of practicing teachers.   

Connections is interested in pieces that draw from the current knowledge base on AI and include ideas that inform our work as mathematics teacher educators. Submissions could describe and reflect upon examples and models, challenges, and/or lessons learned related to the use of AI within mathematics teacher education. The manuscript should have implications and be informative for those working with prospective and practicing PreK-20 teachers of mathematics. Contexts could include content and methods courses, research projects, field and clinical experiences, and professional development programs, amongst other settings. Possible topics include: 

  • how mathematics teacher educators and others are collaborating on the use of AI;
  • examples or models of using AI in a variety of contexts, such as courses, field placements, and professional development;
  • processes or steps taken for the development of AI-related experiences; 
  • research or other inquiry that examines the use of AI, such as influences upon prospective and practicing teachers and other participants;   
  • ethical considerations of using AI in mathematics teacher education;
  • benefits and/or constraints of using AI; and  
  • tools, resources, and/or curriculum materials focused on using AI. 

Manuscript submissions should be no longer than 6 pages (double-spaced, Times 12-point font) of text or 1,400 words (including references and figures/tables) and sent electronically as a Word File to the Connections Editor (Matt Chedister mchedister@uwlax.edu) for a deidentified review by at least two members of the Connections Editorial Panel. For ease of reading by reviewers, all figures and tables should be embedded in the correct locations in the text. Authors should include an abstract that is no longer than 100 words. All manuscripts should be formatted according to the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition). Authors should be mindful that significance for mathematics teacher educators and their work is readily apparent in the manuscript. Authors should pay attention to quality of academic writing, such as organization and flow of reasoning, and to clarity related to usefulness, such as recommendations and implications for mathematics teacher educators.

Manuscript submissions received by March 30, 2024 will be considered for the Summer 2024 issue. Manuscript submissions received after this date may need to be considered for the Fall 2024 issue.