An Update from the AMTE Get the Facts (GFO) Out Task Force

Jean S. Lee, Univ. of Indianapolis

A large part of our role as mathematics teacher educators is recruiting preservice teachers and encouraging our colleagues to send positive messages about teaching as a career option. AMTE members identified teacher recruitment as a top priority issue that we face in our profession today. The AMTE GFO Task Force focuses on supporting our members in recruitment and positive messaging using GFO materials. The Task Force includes Glenn Waddell (chair), Lisa Amick, Sarah Dyess, Brian R. Lawler, and Jean S. Lee. 

New on the GFO Website: The Get the Facts Out Project hosts a robust website of resources to support us in our teacher recruitment and messaging efforts. Get the Facts Out:


This powerful new section on the GFO site will help anyone who is ready to get started using GFO resources. Choose the path option that best matches your role, and move through an easy-to-follow process to get started with GFO. Feel free to choose more than one path to find links to many useful resources! 

For all of us, sending positive but accurate messages about the teaching profession and recruiting the next generation of teachers of mathematics and science are among our highest priorities and greatest challenges. We do not have all of the answers for how best to accomplish this, but there are many people across our STEM disciplines who are working on ways we can support each other in this important mission.

Ways you can become involved are to visit the website and register on the GFO website to be a Mathematics Champion. Champions are those of us who are engaged in teacher recruitment, who have seen and are considering using the GFO resources, and want to stay informed about updates from the project. Simply sign up on the GFO website: Become a GFO Champion - Get the Facts Out

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues that you would like to discuss or share, please contact any member of the AMTE GFO Task Force. We welcome your input and your feedback. Click on any of the team’s names to send us an email.

Glenn Waddell, Jr., Task Force Chair, University of Nevada Reno                    

Lisa Amick, University of Kentucky

Sarah Dyess, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Brian R. Lawler, Kennesaw State University

Jean S. Lee, University of Indianapolis