Community Conversation: Trans Rights are Human Rights: Where is our responsibility as mathematics teacher educators to humane mathematics teaching?

Friday August 4, 2023, 12:00 pm Pacific 3:00 pm Eastern

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Across the United States and the world, there is a rise in policies that target the health and safety of transgender folx (e.g., bans on gender-affirming healthcare, sweeping bathroom restrictions, etc.) These restrictive bills and policies also play a role in our schools: the availability of inclusive and affirming curriculum, acknowledging children and youth names and pronouns, among other aspects. Amidst these inhumane policies and laws, there is joy to be found when we embrace the fact that trans rights are human rights. To begin our conversation, the speakers will address the ways in which they act for trans rights, and for LGBTQ+ rights more broadly. Then, our conversation will highlight issues such as what’s at stake, how teachers and teacher educators can affirm students’ whole identities, including their genders, addressing common stereotypes about trans folx, and suggestions for how to be an ally. The conversation is open to all members who are interested in ways that we can envision the phrase, “trans rights are human rights” in our practice and with our students.