Election 2020: Dana Cox

Participation in AMTE and/or AMTE Affiliates(s)

Participating in AMTE Annual Meetings has influenced my work in so many positive ways in the last decade. In 2014, I jumped at the chance to serve the organization on the program committee; I wanted to help pass that experience on to others. I served as an Associate Vice President of Conference Program, chairing the 2019 program in Orlando, Florida. Following the 2019 program, I served a six-month appointment as the chair of an ad-hoc program committee that was convened to examine policies related to the AMTE annual conferences and consider restructuring the conference to meet the needs of an expanded membership.

Participation in Related Organizations

I have served as an Editorial Panel Member for the NCTM-sponsored journal,  Mathematics Teacher. This was a three-year appointment from 2017-2019. I had the honor of leading the editorial panel on the final issue in the final volume of this journal, the May 2019 Focus Issue: Motivating Mathematics.  

In 2015, I served as a PME-NA Strand Leader. As an appointed Strand Leader, I managed the review process for the Geometry and Measurement strand and made recommendations to the Local Organizing Committee for the conference in East Lansing, Michigan.

I am currently the Co-Chair of the Publicity Committee of Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This is a 19-month appointment from April 2019-October 2020. It is our responsibility to publicize and market the 2020 OCTM conference. This includes multiple strategies and campaigns across a variety of media.

Qualifications for the Position

I believe that an AMTE Board member should be engaged, enthusiastic about AMTE, and knowledgeable of AMTE’s history and vision. Having presented at many AMTE conferences and served on the program committee for six years in the last decade, I am qualified in all of these areas. Most of all, I care deeply about the people who make AMTE so strong.

I work at Miami University, where we balance a strong emphasis on undergraduate teaching with support for ambitious research; I enjoy and have experience working at the intersection of research and practice. I am a MTE within a department of mathematics; I understand how to be inclusive of those who have interest in mathematics education, but do not centralize it in their professional identity. I have served as the co-chair for MU’s Safe Return to Campus Committee; I have leadership experience and am ready to serve AMTE.

Three Goals AMTE should make a Priority

I believe that AMTE is uniquely positioned at the intersection of research and practice for mathematics teacher educators. First, I believe we need to strengthen our brand within the broader scope of mathematics education organizations as a bridge organization that focuses on strong research that supports real practice. Second, I think that we need to broaden our membership and be more inclusive of those who work outside of higher education to develop good mathematics teachers. Third, I think we need to continue to take a strong stance with regards to antiracist mathematics teaching. All three of these goals will help AMTE stand out as an organization that is grounded in the realities of the classroom, where mathematics teacher educators feel like they belong, and that is working to make the world a more equitable place.

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