Establishing Your Research Agenda and Turning Your Dissertation into a Publication

Establishing Your Research Agenda and Turning Your Dissertation into a Publication

Wednesday, June 15, 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern Time

Presenters: Courtney Baker, George Mason University; Carlos Nicolas Gómez Marchant, University of Texas at Austin; Jen Munson, Northwestern University; Annie Wilhelm, Southern Methodist University

Description: Join us for a discussion featuring a panel of mathematics teacher educators (MTE) as we share helpful strategies and resources for establishing your research agenda and developing one or more publications from your dissertation.  This webinar is ideal for recent doctoral graduates, doctoral students nearing completion, postdoctoral fellows, and early career MTEs. 

Additional Presenter Information:

Dr. Courtney Baker is an assistant professor in the Mathematics Education Leadership program at George Mason University. Dr. Baker teaches graduate classes that center on incorporating problem solving and productive discourse effectively into classroom instruction. Dr. Baker’s research agenda is centered in mathematics education and teacher development. She is interested in advancing the role of mathematics specialists to develop effective mathematics teacher leaders that both impact student achievement and increase interest in mathematics. To help increase the intentionality of coaching interactions by simultaneously considering mathematics content, coaching and teaching practices, and professional relationship building, she co-developed the Decision-Making Protocol for Mathematics Coaching: a four-phase protocol that provides guidance to coaches as they support the skillful implementation of the eight research-based Mathematics Teaching Practices from Principles to ActionsEnsuring Mathematical Success for All (NCTM, 2014). Additionally, she works with in-service teachers and mathematics coaches to examine how they might integrate STEM into K-12 classrooms using model-eliciting activities. 

Dr. Carlos Nicolas Gómez Marchant is an assistant professor of STEM education at the University of Texas at Austin. His interests revolve around how we construct our identities, particularly through how we argue who we are to other social actors within white institutional spaces. He begins with the idea that schools are white institutional spaces. Schools are constructed social institutions perpetuating majoritarian narratives enforcing racial hierarchies. Schools and institutions of education are the strongest tools for assimilation and erasure of non-dominant groups. Currently, Dr. Gómez is exploring the experiences of elementary Latinx students learning and doing mathematics. Previously, he has explored how prospective elementary teachers argue their identities as mathematics teachers and their emotional labor as they learn to teach mathematics. Argumentation has been a big part of how Dr. Gómez make sense of students' and teachers' experiences in school.

Dr. Jen Munson is an assistant professor of learning sciences in Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, where her research focuses on understanding how interactions between mathematics students, teachers, and coaches can support learning. She received a NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2020 for her work on coaching. Her research has appeared in numerous journals in mathematics education, teacher education, and the learning sciences, including Journal of the Learning Sciences, Educational Studies in Mathematics, Journal of Mathematical Behavior, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Elementary School Journal. She is the author of In the Moment: Conferring in the Elementary Math Classroom (2018) and co-author of the Mindset Mathematics curriculum series (2017-21) for grades K through 8. She founded and directs multiplicity lab ( which supports mathematics teachers across the globe with activities that foster multiple ways of being in, knowing, and doing mathematics.

Dr. Annie Wilhelm is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.  She began her career in education as a high school math teacher, and now works as a teacher education researcher and mathematics teacher educator. She is co-PI on several research projects focused on teacher learning and mathematics teaching practices.


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