Family Policy & Resources

AMTE welcomes our professional mathematics education community to our annual conference!  We recognize the intersectionality of our work with our personal lives, and we deeply appreciate the opportunity this conference presents for all of us to show up wholeheartedly to learn from each other and enjoy each other’s company.  We want to offer a special welcome to the friends and family members of our colleagues that may be accompanying them to the AMTE Conference. However, we want you to be aware that there are some limitations on the space and amenities we are able to offer attendees’ family members at the conference. Designated conference spaces have had to be reserved for registered attendees only, as non-attendees are not covered by AMTE’s liability insurance. Meals, pre-paid with registration funds, also have to be reserved for registered attendees, based on our negotiated contracts with meeting venues.  Please see the current FAQ for each conference that provides specific information about amenities for attendees traveling with family members, including nursing rooms/baby-changing stations, and any venue-specific accommodations or considerations.  FAQs will be available prior to each event.

Family friendly activities in Orlando:

Local childcare options (these have not been reviewed by AMTE):