Program Updates for the 2023 Annual AMTE Conference

The following is a list of changes to the PDF Program for the 2023 Annual AMTE Conference. Please return to this page for updates.


The following presentations have been canceled:

  • Session 031. Unsettling Norms, Dismantling Barriers, and Healing My Wounds: Recognizing and Disrupting White, Ableist Normativity in Mathematics Education (AMTE Early Career Award Session)
  • Session 037, Bridging Theory and Practice: Intersecting Standards for Mathematical Practice and Equitable Mathematics Teaching Practices.
  • Poster P05. Becoming an Elementary Math Teacher: Exploring Narratives
  • Poster P06. Black Teachers’ Trajectories: Stories of Early Learning, Navigating Inequities, and Teaching Elementary Mathematics Today
  • Poster P13. Exploring Circle Circumference: Beyond Opportunities To  Learn Mathematics Content for Prospective Teachers
  • Poster P21. Interns' Perceptions of Policies and Practices that Support Black Mathematics Teacher Candidates’ Recruitment and Retention
  • Poster P43. Which Scale Should We Use to Measure the Right Angle?
  • Session 107. Mathematics Content and Curriculum Discussion Session Developing Full Understanding of Scale/Scaling through Cross-disciplinary Activities
  • Session 166. Supporting Teachers’ Learning through Integrating Rough Drafts and Revising into Mathematics Teacher Education Coursework
  • Session 181. Developing Pedagogical Empathy in Rehearsal Debriefs
  • Session 186. Enhancing Learning and Assessment through Gameplay
  • Session 174, Criteria for Selecting Math Tasks: A Novice and Expert Comparison

Speaker Cancellations

The following speakers will not be able to participate in scheduled sessions:

  • Ben Freeburn, Session 36. Using Rehearsal Debriefs with Experienced Teachers to Negotiate an Understanding of an Ambitious Teaching Practice
  • Miriam Leshin, Session 190. “What Would That Look Like?”: Fostering Meaningful Connections Between Cooperating Teachers, Candidates, and Teacher Educators
  • Aida Alibek, Session 197. Investigating the Cognitive Demand of Integrated STEM Tasks: Learning Mathematics, Science and Coding with Robotics.
  • Karisma Morton, Session 071. Investigating the Cultural Critical Consciousness Development of Preservice Teachers in STEM Education
  • Tyreeka Williams, Poster P30. Providing Equitable Access to Mathematics Educators through a Collaborative University- School Partnership


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