Webinar: Learning to Teach Mathematics in the Midst of a Pandemic: Voices of Stakeholders

Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 3-4:00 pm Eastern time

Description: We hope you will join us for a webinar featuring a panel around Learning to Teach in the Midst of a Pandemic: Voices of Stakeholders. In the webinar we will hear the experiences and reflections of pre-service teachers, and those in the field supporting the learning of pre-service teachers, about the shifts that teacher preparation programs will need to make to continue to provide quality teacher preparation given the pandemic conditions that are pushing learning online. We anticipate the AMTE community will be able to use insights gained from these perspectives to improve how teacher preparation programs respond to the needs that pre-service teachers have in this unprecedented time.


Erin Altier graduated this spring semester from the University of South Florida with a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. In the fall she will be teaching at Wharton High School in Tampa, Florida.

Jaeden Ayala is currently in the MAT in mathematics education (6-12) program at USF with her final internship starting next month. She has a bachelor’s degree in business management with a mathematics minor. She is pursuing a career in education because of past positive work experience as a tutor and scribing for students with disabilities.

Dr. Michelle Cirillo is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware. She received her PhD from Iowa State University in 2008 after working as a high school mathematics teacher in NY for 8 years. Cirillo’s funded research has focused on mathematics discourse in secondary classrooms, the teaching and learning of mathematical proof, and investigating an innovative early field experience model for future secondary mathematics teachers. 

Dr. Cara Haines recently earned her Ph.D. in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum with an emphasis in Mathematics Education from the University of Missouri (MU) and will begin working as a postdoctoral researcher at Vanderbilt University this fall. In addition to focusing on the learning of beginning mathematics teachers in her research, Cara worked as a both a methods course instructor of elementary and secondary mathematics teachers and a university supervisor at MU. In the midst of the pandemic, Cara worked in both of these roles, experiencing shifts in the nature of her work with prospective teachers.

Dr. Farshid Safi is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the School of Teacher Education at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. Over the last 20+ years of teaching at universities throughout the US and Canada, Farshid has focused on developing teachers conceptual understanding of K-16 mathematics through an emphasis on connections and coherence while engaging and empowering students and teachers through mathematical experiences. Recently, his teaching and research efforts involve mathematical modeling and the role of historical perspectives in equitable teaching practices.

Dr. John W. Staley has been involved in mathematics education for over 30 years as a secondary mathematics teacher, district leader, and adjunct professor in schools and universities in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. During his career he has presented at state, national, and international conferences; served on many committees and tasks forces; facilitated workshops and professional development sessions on a variety of topics; received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science; and served as President for NCSM, the mathematics education leadership organization. He currently serves on several advisory boards and is the chair of the U.S. National Commission on Mathematics Instruction.

Jonathan Wray is the Coordinator for Secondary Mathematics in the Howard County Public School System (Ellicott City, Maryland). He has served as an elected member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Board of Directors, past present of both the Association of Maryland Mathematics Teacher Educators and the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and project manager of the Elementary Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Leaders Project. Jon's interests include: leadership roles of mathematics coaches/specialists; teacher collaboration; effective and engaging teaching and learning strategies; strategic uses of technology; and taking on issues related to access, equity, and student empowerment in mathematics education.