Webinar: Supporting MTEs with Re-entry into Post-pandemic Teaching

Wednesday, August 11, 4-5:00 pm Eastern Time

Presenters: Joanne Williams, Rocky Fork Middle School (Tennessee); Jennifer McLean, West Side Middle School (West Virginia); Melissa Castro, School District of Hillsborough County (Florida); Crystal Lancour, Colonial School District (Delaware); Matthew O’Brien, University of South Florida (Florida).

Description: Please join us for a discussion featuring a panel of educators from across the country representing different roles (1st year teacher, in-service teacher, instructional coach, methods instructor and mathematics supervisor) and grade levels (elementary, middle grades, secondary, and higher ed) as we discuss the possible challenges that mathematics teacher educators may face in preparing teachers at all levels for post-pandemic teaching. The AMTE community will be able to use insights gained from these diverse perspectives to improve how teacher preparation programs and mathematics education leaders respond to the needs that teachers have in this unprecedented time.