Webinar: Writing for the MTE Journal: Come learn how to get started!

Wednesday, September 15, 7:00-8:00 pm Eastern Time

Presenters: Karen Hollebrands, Mike Steele, Andy Tyminski, Alison Castro Superfine, Babette M. Benken

Description: We invite AMTE members to join members of the Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE) Editorial Board for an interactive webinar session to learn more about the journal and hear advice about how you can get started on a manuscript to submit in the near future. The MTE journal is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, practitioner journal that is co-published by AMTE and NCTM. The journal contributes to building a professional knowledge base for mathematics teacher educators that stems from, develops, and strengthens practitioner knowledge over time.

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Additional Presenter Information:

Karen Hollebrands is the Editor of the MTE journal and a Professor of Mathematics Education at North Carolina State University

Mike Steele is the Editor-Designate of the MTE journal and a Program Officer in the Division of Research on Learning at the National Science Foundation. He is also a consulting mathematics education researcher whose most current project is leading the modernization of the secondary mathematics curriculum for the State of Indiana.

Andy Tyminski is a member of the MTE Journal Editorial Board and an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Clemson University

Alison Castro Superfine is a member of the MTE Journal Editorial Board, Professor of Mathematics Education and Learning Sciences, and Co-Director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Babette M. Benken is AMTE’s Board Designee to the MTE journal and the Richard D. Green Professor of Mathematics Education and Director at California State University, Long Beach