Managing Information for a Doctoral Program

AMTE relies on program representatives to manage information in the database of doctoral programs in mathematics education.

Add a Doctoral Program

To add a doctoral program to the AMTE database, first login to (or create an account), and then Send a Note to the AMTE Web Team requesting "doctoral program representative status". Once approved, complete the form below by providing as much information as possible: Before trying to add a new program, look to see if your program is in our list of oufdated programs

Add a Doctoral Program

Edit an Existing Program

Note: All doctoral program listings are matched to a doctoral program representative. This person's username appears at the top of the informational page. If you need to change the representative, please Send a Note to the AMTE Web Team requesting the change.

 To edit existing information, the program representative can do the following:

  1. log-in to 
  2. click "Edit" at the top of the information page for your specific program page
  3. complete as many details on the edit page as possible, including all required fields (marked with a *)
  4. click "Save"

Delete an Existing Program

To request removal of an existing program, please Send a Note to the AMTE Web Team.