CAEP Draft of K-6 Teacher Standards - Comment Now!

The Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) has withdrawn as the Specialized Professional Association representing Elementary Teacher Education standards and program review. 

As a result, CAEP has assumed responsibility for Elementary standards and Elementary program reviews and has appointed a Steering Committee for the Revision of the Elementary (K-6) Teacher Standards.  The Steering Committee has produced a set of draft standards that are now available for public comment.1. Download a copy of the draft CAEP K-6 Elementary Teacher standards HERE: CAEP K-6 Draft Standards (or you can find a link embedded in the survey document)

2. Complete the survey to provide feedback to the Steering Committee HERE: CAEP K-6 Survey. It's important that AMTE represent the interests of mathematics in determining standards for K-6 teacher education!

Please feel free to share comments below!

(K-6 CAEP Standards URL:

(CAEP Survey URL: