Update on Federal Teacher Prep Regulations

Recent developments on the proposed federal regulations for teacher preparation programs include an expected release date in December.

Click here for an update from AACTE Government Relations Director Deborah Koolbeck: http://edprepmatters.net/2015/10/update-on-proposed-federal-regulations/

Our voices are being heard - and there is still time to speak up! Koolbeck notes:

"In addition, in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate appropriations bills that fund the Department of Education, language prohibiting the promulgation and enforcement of the teacher preparation program regulations has been included. To ensure that this language remains in whatever work comes out of Congress in December, we ask that you keep up the efforts to share your comments and concerns with members of Congress."

The November congressional recess is a prime time to connect with your elected officials to discuss the regulations’ potential impact on your programs, community, and state.

AACTE will offer member webinars next week with more information about these developments and strategies for discussing them with your elected officials