"The disturbing provisions about teacher preparation in No Child Left Behind rewrite"

Washington Post, 12/5/15

The title should be enough to get your full attention....Kenneth Zeichner (a professor of teacher education at the University of Washington-Seattle) writes regarding the soon-to-be approved Every Student Succeeds Act that will replace No Child Left Behind. The quotes below from Zeichner illuminate the potentially serious implications of this “hidden provision” on teacher preparation programs.

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  • Provisions in the legislation for the establishment of teacher preparation academies are written to primarily support non-traditional, non-university programs such as those funded by venture philanthropists.
  • The teacher preparation academies that would be created under the legislation will be required to prepare teachers to serve in “high-needs” schools.
  • the provisions still serve to reduce standards for teachers prepared through the academies and will widen inequities rather than reduce them.
  • The most troubling aspect of the new legislation in regard to teacher preparation is its attempt to lower standards for teacher education programs that prepare teachers for high-poverty schools.

Zeichner link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2015/12/05/the-disturbing-provisions-about-teacher-preparation-in-no-child-left-behind-rewrite/