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University of Nevada, Reno

The College of Education and the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno invite applications for a non-tenure track Master Teacher position that will be integral to the continued development of the NevadaTeach program modeled after the highly successful UTeach Program at the University of Texas, Austin. Through the NevadaTeach program, UNR students earning degrees in science or mathematics will be simultaneously prepared to pursue careers in teaching science or mathematics at the secondary (7th – 12th grade) level. In filling this position, we are seeking an individual who has a demonstrated passion for teaching science, mathematics, and/or engineering at the secondary level and who is able to guide novice teachers in creating model classrooms that exemplify the 21st century learning environment and the Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS). The successful candidate will have experience in a leadership role among teachers through mentoring, coaching, or administrative positions and will possess the ability to build strong collaborations between the university and local school districts.

Master Teachers are responsible for teaching introductory NevadaTeach courses as well as developing a network of mentor teachers in the local school district for field experiences and apprentice teaching. The newly hired Master Teacher will work closely with the NevadaTeach Co-Directors, other faculty in the College of Education and College of Science, including three Master Teachers, as well as with students in the NevadaTeach program.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017
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Roxanne Piskel
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