Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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National Louis University

National Louis University is pleased to announce a full-time Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Mathematics position.

This is an 11-month position that requires instructors to collaborate on a regular basis with the support team that
surrounds each student. This position requires on-site teaching at the Chicago and/or Wheeling campus for daytime courses.

This position will offer a new curriculum and an unparalleled experience to undergraduate students with the belief that all students can be successful students.

As an active team lead you believe in a supportive environment and a student-driven culture. You will serve in a leadership role, so your approach to this work will cascade down to your team of Instructors. Will also facilitate blended classes that utilize technology and data to drive instruction and work collaboratively with a dedicated team of Coaches and Instructors, Content Experts and Data Analysts to determine how to personalize the learning experience for students. In addition to teaching content, you will also encourage growth mindset, increase non-cognitive skill development and nurture academic confidence.


  • Leadership of Day-to-Day Curriculum Implementation and Content Area Team Planning: Lead weekly or bi-weekly content team meetings to develop an effective student experience, reviewing curriculum implementation and student data to inform ongoing planning.
  • Leadership in Professional Development (PD) to Drive Teaching Excellence:
    Collaborate with UGC administration and UGC faculty to ensure comprehensive approach to faculty PD is in place. Create, attend and actively participate in PD to build a stronger instructional model for the UGC. Includes on-boarding of new faculty as well as ongoing PD and support of all faculty.
  • Classroom Observations and Feedback: Perform classroom observations and feedback for other faculty (FT and adjunct) in content area.
  • Curriculum Ownership: Serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for 3-6 courses in discipline. Maintain current and active knowledge in SME areas. Oversee a set of courses and maintain consistency across them through development, implementation, and revision.
  • Hiring: Collaborate with Human Resources to regularly create and maintain a hiring network in subject area creating a pool of hiring options for full-time and adjunct faculty positions, reviewing candidates, perform initial interviews and make recommendations for hire to UGC leadership.
  • Performance Evaluation: Contribute to evaluation of faculty in content area (in some cases may lead evaluations, in some cases may provide input to evaluations –determine quarterly in collaboration with UGC administration).
  • Staffing: Choose/select instructors to staff for all courses in content area (contracting done by UGC administration).
  • Data-Driven Course and Major Planning: Review course/major data quarterly and annually, in collaboration with UGC administration and content area faculty team, in order to inform ongoing course and major enhancements and to explore opportunities for course/concentration/major additions.
  • Develop External Relationships: For professional content areas, identify and serve as point of contact for partnerships with relevant external organizations (businesses, institutions, professional associations) to support continuous review and
    improvement of course content to align with industry standards, and to support creation of work-based learning opportunities for students.
  • Oversee Assessment, Accreditation and Compliance: Work with UGC and University administration to ensure that content area maintains all appropriate approvals and accreditation and compliance with all relevant university policies and
    regulatory guidelines. Includes but is not limited to maintenance of course syllabi, University Course Outlines (UCO),PD, etc.
  • Support Resolution of Student Issues: Support UGC administration in resolution of student issues in content area, such as academic appeals and re-admissions of returning students.
  • Administrative Planning and Engagement: Ensuring ongoing communication and alignment between UGC administration and content area team. Engage in administrative planning as needed, e.g., in budget recommendations, providing input on marketing materials and enrollment strategies, and participation in UGC-wide efforts such as admitted students days and UGC-wide team meetings. As governance model develops, takes leadership in faculty governance at college/university level.

Experience and/or Education

  • Graduate degree in Mathematics, and leadership experience is preferred. PhD credentials preferred.
  • Experience with digital tools for teaching, teaching in either online or blended/hybrid formats, and teaching to students of diverse backgrounds and abilities strongly preferred.
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Monday, April 29, 2019
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Alexandra Riedl
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