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Social Justice Public Charter School, Inc.

Organizational Overview:

The Social Justice Public Charter School (SJS)  is a new 5th - 8th school opening in Washington, D.C. in Fall 2020.

Our mission is to catalyze an integrated community of middle-school learners to be scholar-activists who are designers of a more just world. In order to design a more just world, our students require an education that embraces and lives out a set of core beliefs about what it means to be human.

The SJS Community will proudly reflect the diversity of America — racially and socioeconomically diverse, integrated, democratic, and problem-solving. Students, teachers, and parents develop a passion for social justice and are empowered to identify needs and enact change in their school, community, and the world. Our academic model is rooted in social justice, built around culturally responsive learning, keeps learning active through expeditionary learning, and empowers students with design thinking projects.



We are looking to recruit a diverse teacher team who is willing to co-create an engaging learning experience for students that is rooted in social justice. To do so, the following mindsets and experiences are highly valued:


  • A focus on the community over the individual (i.e there is no “I” in team)

  • An equity-centered mindset and advocate for social justice issues

  • A designer’s mindset-- the willingness to fail fast and often

  • A demonstrated comfort in working with middle school students

  • The ability to be vulnerable and wrestle with discomfort when you might not know the right answer

  • An entrepreneurial mindset flexibility and comfort with ambiguity

  • Comfort in using data to drive instruction

  • A belief that young people have the capacity to change the world

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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Myron Long