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Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM)

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM), a project of the Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc., is seeking instructors for a summer day camp that gives underserved students a chance to excel in mathematics. Junior Faculty teach their pre-packaged courses (courses with pre-written curriculums) to bright middle school students from low-income and historically marginalized communities. Junior Faculty do have the opportunity to design their own curriculum for one of their courses. Ideal Junior Faculty candidates include graduate students and early career teachers, and we encourage applications from other professionals with an interest in education. Faculty positions that require designing their own courses are available for college or university professors with strong teaching backgrounds, and middle or high school teachers with strong mathematics backgrounds.


BEAM Discovery Junior Faculty will teach two classes for all 5 weeks of the program. The first must be a pre-packaged course. For the second, Junior Faculty can choose another pre-packaged course or they can create their own curriculum for a class in one of the following categories:


  • Logical Reasoning introduces logical reasoning including deductive logic, case analysis, working methodically, and proof by contradiction.
  • Math Fundamentals leads students to understand mathematics from school on a deeper, more conceptual level.
  • Math Team Strategies exposes students to problems that require creativity, primarily through math contest problems.
  • Applied Math introduces students to different areas of work related to mathematics. Examples include programming, astronomy, mathematical biology (such as predator and prey models, or genetics), or estimation and Fermi problems.


Strong candidates will work well on a close-knit team and will be able to bring unique curriculum perspectives to the program. Experience with mathematics curriculum design for middle school audiences, with students from low-income or historically marginalized backgrounds or at Title 1 schools, and with other extracurricular outreach programs (such as math summer programs or math circles, MATHCOUNTS, programming workshops, or similar) are all beneficial. We will provide mentorship, textbooks, and other resources as needed. Beyond the classroom, we expect that faculty will create a fun and inclusive community with the students.


We’re interested in hiring people who are committed to growth. Junior Faculty often return to work with us for multiple summers, and the feedback we get is that working for us allows them to identify and tackle growth opportunities that translate to their year-round jobs. We believe that we have as much to learn from our students as they do from us! 


Covid-19 Note: While our intention is to hold our programs in person, we reserve the right to hold our programs virtually for the Summer of 2022 depending on community spread of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the situation and give updates as needed.

Location: BEAM Discovery takes place at schools in NYC that are convenient to where our students typically live. 

Dates:  July 4 to August 16, 2022.

Compensation: $4,500 for Junior Faculty for the time that the program runs. Part time positions are available with $2250 compensation.


Applicants must be authorized to work for any employer in the US. We are unable to sponsor or take over sponsorship of employment Visa at this time. International graduate students able to obtain CPT or OPT are welcome to apply. 


This is a unique opportunity to influence the lives of young students. Our students have tremendous potential and a strong ability for abstract reasoning, but because of their schools and backgrounds they often have not had the same training as more affluent peers. They are devoted, doing many hours of math each day (and loving it). We hope that you will join us (and them)!


Positions will be available until filled, however priority will be given to candidates that submit their online application by January 27th. If you are unsure of your summer plans, we encourage you to apply early and then work out the details with us afterwards.  


For more information and the application, contact us at emily@beammath.org or visit our website at https://www.beammath.org/beam-discovery-faculty-info. For information on working at our residential summer camps, check out our BEAM Summer Away postings!

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Thursday, December 23, 2021
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Emily New-Cruse
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